Cabbage: It has sulfur, which removes toxins from the body and keeps liver clean and healthy. You can use cabbage in vegetable or juice or salad.

Beetroot: It has beta-carotene, which is helpful for keep liver healthy. Eat it in a salad. Drink beetroot juice in the morning.

Walnut: It has omega-3 fatty acids, which helps in detoxification. Eat one pinch of walnut every morning.

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Apple: It has pectin and flavonoids, which removes toxins from the liver. One should eat an apple in a day.

Garlic: It has selenium, which cleans the harmful toxins from the liver. Eat 3-4 garlic buds every morning.

Cinnamon: It has glucose and fructose, which is helpful for the healthy liver. Eat it tea, vegetable, and salad.

Lemon: It has citric acid, which is necessary for a healthy liver. Squeeze one lemon in water and drink it in the morning.

Ginger: It has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial property, which removes inflammation of the liver. Mix ginger in tea. You can also intake a piece of ginger with black salt.

Turmeric: It has curcumin, which maintains liver function. Mix turmeric in lentils and vegetables. You can also mix turmeric in milk.

Plum: It has antioxidants, which protects the liver from free radicals. Eat 3-4 plums every day. You can also drink its juice.